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Prepaid Rewards Program

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Prepaid Rewards is a customer based loyalty program that rewards our members though a point based system. PrepaidWireless members are automatically enrolled in the Prepaid Rewards Program when they become a member of Prepaid Wireless. Prepaid Reward points can be redeemed against any product and service available at

Program Details and Rules

  1. The Prepaid Rewards Program has no enrollment or annual fee.
  2. Prepaid Rewards points can only be redeemed after customer has purchased $25 or more in products and services from PrepaidWireless.
  3. Prepaid Rewards are non-transferable and expire one year from your last purchase.
  4. Reward points are earned on each and every purchase and can be redeemed on any future purchase only at
  5. Prepaid Wireless customers earn points based on the retail cost of the product. Please see the Rewards Points Product Index for a complete list of the reward points offered on each product.
  6. Prepaid Reward points automatically accumulate in your account and can be redeemed any time at your request, but only after making an initial one-time purchase of $25 or more.
  7. Anytime you elect to redeem your points, 100% of the earned points in your account are credited against your purchase. Partial point crediting is only allowed, if the number of available points exceeds the total purchase price.

Additional questions?
Please visit our FAQ section on our Prepaid Rewards program.

Prepaid Rewards Product Index
To see a list of reward points offered on all PrepaidWireless products and services. click here.

Prepaid Rewards Terms and Conditions

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