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Powerlink Unlimited

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Powerlink Unlimited Product Details & Instructions

Powered by Airlink Mobile and Sprint's nationwide PCS network, Powerlink Unlimited provides everything from flat-rate to unlimited service with no contract needed. Plus, now get web access, text and picture messaging, with no confusing refill card structures anymore. just grab a phone, add a PIN and start talking!

You Pay
Anytime Minutes
Nights & Weekends
85 minutes (starting at 7 p.m.)
3 days
starting at 7 p.m.
7 days
14 days
30 days
Unlimited + $10
30+ days
Unlimited + $40
Plan Options
Monthly plan - see above for rates
Unlimited voice - $59.95 per month or $2.95 per day
Flat rate - 10 cents per minute, refills expire in 365 days
Servces subtracted from airtime card balance (new)
Taxes and fees (~12%) added onto monthly\unlimited plans
Test Messaging
10 cents per message
$5 per month for 100
$15 per month for 750
$10 per month for unlimited with unlimited voice plan
International Calling
Puerto Rico, US Virgin Islands - Included
Mexico - 11c/minute, MX Triangle - 5c/min
Mexico Cell - 48c/min, Triangle Cell - 38c/min
Russia - 10c/min, UK - 3c/min, UK Cell - 35c/min
Brazil - 9c/min. China - 3c/min. Phillippines - 23c/min
See website for additional rates
Plan Features
Downloadable games, ringtones, wallpapers, web access, multimedia/picture messaging available

Customer Service: 888-831-8534

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