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Cricket PAYgo

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Powered by CricKet's metro-focused 3G CDMA network CricKet PAYgo offers unlimited service for a flat, daily rate. Starting at just $1 per day, CricKet allows anyone in their service area to cut the cord and the contract, with all the features of a contract phone (like web browsing and picture messaging), but without the contract...and unlimited.

You Pay
30 days
Coming Soon!
60 days
Plan Options
$1/day - Unlimited local calling
$2/day - $1/day plus unlimited text and picture messaging
$3/day - $2/day plus unlimited long distance, web access, international text messaging and directory assistance (411)
Daily fee is incurred only on days the phone is used
Long distance is 10c/minute on $1 and $2 per day plans
Test Messaging
Unlimited on $2/day and $3day plans
International Calling
See website for rates
Plan Features
Roaming: 39c/minute
Caller ID, call waiting, 3-way calling, voicemail included on all plans

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