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All transactions are secured by 128bit SSL encryption.
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PlatinumTel Product Details & Instructions

1. Dial 1-866-2-REFILL
2. Follow the voice prompts and enter the PIN number

Customer service: 1-866-CALL-ME-1

Important: The last four digits of the PIN are the 4-digit security code requested by PlatinumTel when activating your PIN, followed by the first 12 digits of the PIN number.

Platinumtel offers one of the most competitive pay-as-you-go wireless programs providing great value and features not found in other prepaid wireless programs. Subscribers can purchase an airtime plan at and start talking for as little as $10. All plans come with unlimited nights and weekend calls. For Platinum Tel subscriber’s that like to SMS text message a lot, you can purchase a text messaging card for either $10 for 125 text messages or $20 for 300 text messages.

But unlike other prepaid bundle plans, with Platinumtel your minutes never expire as long as you purchase another airtime refill when your access time expires. Now that’s what you call looking out for your customers!

Text Messaging or SMS: 1 anytime minute per message (incoming or outgoing), anytime, anywhere. Unless you purchase a $10 text messaging PIN which gives you 125 messages for 30 days, or a $20 text messaging PIN which gives you 300 messages for 30 days.

Long Distance: US Domestic long distance is included, so there is no need to worry about where you are calling within the US, especially during nights and weekends.

Roaming: On-network roaming is billed at normal airtime rates.

411 Directory Assistance: You pay $2.00 per call plus airtime for this 411 directory service. Of course, PrepaidWireless recommends you use Free 411 by dialing 1-800-FREE411. Now that’s a sure way how to save money and not waste your anytime calling minutes. Thank you 800-FREE411!

Balance Check via #ADD: You pay regular airtime to check your minutes directly from your phone.

3G Web Services: $5 Monthly Recurring Charge, then 30 cents for each minute of web access used.

Picture Messaging: You only get charged for standard data access (30 cents a minute) while sending pictures from your phone.

Press and Talk: Unlimited Press and Talk (walkie-talkie) with other PlatinumTel customers for only 50 cents per day. This service is only available on phones with push to talk capability.

With Unlimited Nights and Weekends on all plans, subscribers can get lots of talk time without having to waste their available anytime minutes. The Platinumtel program works just like a post paid wireless program, only with no monthly commitment or credit check and best of all you can get spend as little as $10 to get hooked up. With Platinumtel, only the access days in which you make calls will expire. When your access days expire, simply login to your account and purchase another airtime refill and instantly regain access to any unused anytime minutes.

Best of all you get a $5 Free Airtime Bonus when you become a customer and you also earn Reward Points on all your airtime refill purchases and instant access 24/7.

Platinumtel also offers their customers the Platinumtel Everyone Prepaid Visa card. To purchase or find out more about Platinumtel Everyone Visa card program, click here and you will receive pre-funded $5 credit free from Platinumtel. You can’t beat that offer from Platinumtel. The Platinumtel Everyone Visa Card has lots of cool features and functionality and you can use it to pay bills, send money and of course buy your Platinumtel airtime plan at

Remember offers a free $5 airtime bonus credit on your first Platinumtel airtime purchase just for signing up and you can also earn an additional $5 for anyone you refer to Prepaid Wireless that becomes a customer. Just click on to our Refer-a Friend program for more details. Buy your Platinum airtime refill at and start saving today. We take the hassle out of prepaid, while delivering great savings and value!

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