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Verizon Wireless Refill Product Details & Instructions

Powered by America's largest wireless network, now over 80 million strong, Verizon Wireless prepaid offers powerful prepaid service with perks like unlimited Mobile to Mobile calling, unlimited Nights & Weekends and low-priced anytime minutes and text messaging (with the option for unlimited messaging for a low monthly fee). Plus, you can get high-end phones like the Verizon Wireless Blitz, The Samsung Juke, the Motorola W755 and the Nokia 6205, all with no contracts, credit checks or surprises.

You Pay
Anytime Minutes
Nights & Weekends
10 cents - Core
5 cents - Plus
2 cents - Power
Unlimited on
Plus & Power plans

Starting at 9 p.m.
30 days
60 days

90 days
1 year
Plan Options
Core: $0.99/day, 10c/min or text
Plus: $1.99/day, 5c/min or text, unlimited nights & weekends
Power: $2.99/day, 2c/min or text, unlimited nights & weekends
All plans include unlimited IN (Verizon mobile to mobile) calling
Daily fee is incurred only on days the phone is used
Test Messaging
Core: 10c/message
Plus: 5c/message
Power: 2c/message
Unlimited IN messaging + 250 out-of-network: $10/month
Unlimited messaging: $20/month
International texts: 25c/message to send, plan rate to receive
Internation Roaming texts: 50c/message sent, 5c/message received
International Calling
See website for rates
International Roaming
69c/min in Puerto Rico, Canada US Virgin Islands
99c/min in Mexico
$1.99/min in Bermuda
Plan Features
MMS for 25 cents/message, or included in a messaging pack
V CAST Music with Rhapsody
Mobile Web: 99c/24 hours
Roaming: 20c/minute
Directory Assistance: $1.49 per call plus airtime

,br> Readily identified by their "Can you hear me now?" ad campaign, Verizon Wireless boasts itself as the most reliable wireless network in the nation with millions of subscribers on their network in the US today. That’s what makes their INpulse plans so popular with their unlimited Mobile to Mobile and Unlimited Nights and Weekend calling features.

You can purchase your Verizon refill for as little as $15 at allprepaidwireless.com and now you can also purchase your prepaid airtime minutes by ordering direct from your cell phone via the Airtime Refill by Text Message program at allprepaidwireless.com. After registering, you simply text your order request to 49432 and your airtime refill pin is texted directly to your phone within 30 seconds. Now that’s what we call real convenience at allprepaidwireless.com.

Once you have registered and have pre-selected your carrier and denomination you can order your airtime refill by texting: pin 1234 (4-digit security code) to 49432. See illustration on the phone above. Register today and your Verizon refills is available at your finger tips.

Verizon prepaid offers both domestic and international text messaging. With the INpulse Core plan, text messages are 10 cents each. With the INpulse Plus plan, text messages are 5 cents each. And with the INpulse Power plan, text messages are just 2 cents each. International text messaging is 25 cents per message sent and 10 cents per message received. Picture messaging is also available and costs 25 cents per picture sent or received.

Minutes expire based on the denomination you purchase them in; $15-$29.99 expires in 30 days, $30-$74.99 expires in 60 days, $75-$99.99 expires in 90 days, $100 and above expires in 365 days. If you refill your minutes before they expire and your existing balance will be carried forward.

Verizon Cell Phones Verizon cell phones are available in a wide range of pricing and features. All phones have color screens and are some of the best cell phones available in the prepaid sector. Tons of modern features are available, such as speakerphones, bluetooth, camera phones and more. By spending an initial $15 on INpulse pay-as-you-go accounts, you are eligible for a subsidy equal to a one-year contract. A Verizon Wireless Prepay phone number is required before this card can be added to an account.

Simply select the refill increment you need for your Verizon prepaid cell phone, and then click “buy now” to make your online purchase through our secure site.

As a valued customer you’ll earn rewards points with each purchase you make through allprepaidwireless.com which you can redeem for future prepaid minutes or other top quality products available on our website. For more information, contact the allprepaidwireless.com Customer Support Team today for assistance!

This PIN cannot be returned once sold. Buying this pin and activation of service constitutes your acceptance of the Prepay Wireless Service Agreement and Price Plan, which you acknowledge you have received.

To add the value of this card to an existing Verizon Wireless Prepay Service account:
1. Call #PMT (#768) SEND from your Prepay wireless phone or call 1-888-294-6804 to add a refill.
2. When prompted, enter your 10-digit Verizon Wireless Prepay phone number and this pin number.

If a new card is purchased and added to the account before current balance expires, any existing balance will be carried over to the new expiration date. Any funds remaining at expiration will be removed from the account.

To check your account balance or speak to a customer service representative, call *611 SEND or 1-888-294-6804 at no charge from your wireless phone.

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